Heal From Within

This FREE informative guide from Inside Health will help Unlock the Secrets to Defeating Inflammation and Achieving Your Health Goals Once and For All.

Heal From Within

This FREE informative guide from Inside Health will help Unlock the Secrets to Defeating Inflammation and Achieving Your Health Goals Once and For All.

Welcome to Your Path to Vibrant Health!


Are you tired of battling weight gain, feeling older than your years, and struggling with low energy?

Does anxiety, depression, or poor sleep leave you feeling lost?

We understand your frustrations because we have both been there on our own health journeys.

Why Addressing Inflammation is the Secret to Real Health Change:

Getting to the Root Cause: True health transformation starts by addressing the root cause of disease and dysfunction. Many medical/health attempts miss this crucial step, but Dr. Lauren and Dr. David know better.


The Overlooked Secre: Inflammation is often dismissed as a minor annoyance, yet it is the silent driver behind many of your aches and pains, and often leads to more dramatic chronic disease. Our free guide reveals how to defeat inflammation at its source wherever you are in your health journey.

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What You'll Discover Inside:

* Root Causes of Inflammation: Uncover the hidden triggers of inflammation and learn how to address them at the source.

* Comprehensive Questionnaire: Assess your current health status with our detailed questionnaire, helping you move toward your aspirational outcomes.

* Actionable Lifestyle Changes: You will be given several practical steps, many of them have little to no cost, that you can implement immediately to improve your health, from diet and hydration to sleep and movement. Say goodbye to feeling older and bogged down!

* Inflammation Drainage Protocol: Get access to our proven protocol designed to kickstart your body's natural healing mechanisms. No more struggling with low energy or feeling lost.

Ready to Transform Your Health?

Your current health concerns are real, but they don't have to define your future. This is your exclusive opportunity to take control of your well-being and finally achieve the vibrant, inflammation-free life you aspire to. Download your free guide now, and take that first step toward hope and vitality.

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Meet Dr. Lauren and Dr. David Kolowski


We are compassionate practitioners who've been where you are now. We have fought our own health battles and emerged stronger. With over 28 years of experience combined, we know what it takes to overcome health obstacles, and we want to guide you toward the vibrant, hopeful future you desire.


Dr. Lauren's journey is a testament to her resilience. In her early twenties, she battled intense pain, chronic insomnia, and inflammation. Despite consulting top doctors, relief remained elusive. It all changed when she discovered Nutrition Response Testing and Quantum Nutrition Testing, which transformed her health. Inspired, she integrated it into her practice and now helps others on their path to vitality. Dr. Lauren is a trusted expert in nutrition and wellness.


Dr. David brings a unique perspective to health. A former Division I football player, he knows what it takes to push a body to its limits. However, after football, he faced the challenge of redefining his physique and health. His journey led him to study chiropractic and a revolutionary healthcare philosophy, where he found answers to optimal well-being. Since 2010, he's helped hundreds regain and optimize their health, emphasizing the body's innate potential for healing.

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